Sunday, August 17, 2014

Syllabus/ The Student Agreement

Well this was the first week of school! I survived! LOL

Actually it was an awesome week! I have a great group of students this year. I'm more than excited! They all loved my room and the decor!

They really got a kick out of my syllabus. So I will share. It's so much fun!

If you hadn't noticed, I'm a big fan of The Big Bang Theory. On The Big Bang Theory, one of the main characters has what he calls "The Roommate Agreement". This a contract between them about routines they will maintain and ways they will treat each other as roommates. To keep in this idea, I drafted what I call "The Student Agreement". Some of it is silly, some of it is directly copied from "The Roommate Agreement", but most of it are the actual rules and procedures in my classroom. I hope you enjoy it.

Section 1: To start off with I have the class description as found on my schools website. Very basic and included in every syllabus I've ever seen.

Section 2: I have a lot of students who think being in the room means they are not tardy. I start off the year being very clear that they must be ready to learn to not be tardy.

Section 3: This is from the show.

Section 4: This is my contact information. I provide students and parents my direct desk number, my school email, and I have set up Celly ( for my students to contact me at any time but this is safe and protected for both me and my students.

Article 2, sections 1 and 2 are from the show.

Section 3: This is all about their math notebook.

Section 4: Most of this is district and department mandated, but I think it works really well. To be completely honest they all cheat so much there isn't a lot of reason for homework. BUT if they aren't doing their homework it will reflect on their test.

Addendum's: These are some basic classroom procedures.

Article 3 These sections are all about absent procedures. My students are all juniors or seniors so I require them to be responsible for getting their own makeup work which I make sure is all in a central location.

The clause page is mostly fun. There are a couple of items on here that are actually part of my classroom rules. My students really start to open up and have fun when it gets to the zombie clause, because they all disagree with it. 

Last but not least is the signature page. This is a great way to make sure that their parents read to rules and procedures (they still usually just sign it).

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