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This school year, 14-15, will be my first full year of teaching. I graduated from Northeastern State University (Go Riverhawks) in December of 2013. I live in Claremore Oklahoma. I am married to a wonderful man. I have one son who is almost 13 years old and will be in the 7th grade this year. He has severe dyslexia.

After I graduated I was offered a job at Bartlesville High School teaching 4 classes of Algebra 2 and one class of Geometry for the remainder of that school year. I accepted because Bartlesville High School is awesome! I can't say enough about how amazing the administration, mentor and co-teachers, students, councilors, and other support staff are. I took over a class that had received poor teaching and created bad habits and bad attitudes. It was very difficult. But again I was so lucky with all the people there supporting me so well that I was able to turn that classroom around!

This year I am going back to Bartlesville but will only be teaching Algebra 2, which I am so excited about. Who could possibly complain about having one prep AND its the subject I am most passionate and excited about.

I have spent my entire summer going to different professional development things and its been very enlightening. I have more activities, ideas, organization, classroom management techniques, etc then I know what to do with. I have figured out that I'm going to have to pace myself when it comes to implementing all of these things because I am a first year teacher and that in and of itself is a lot of work.

I'm super excited about this year. Sharing it with the world will be so much fun! Looking for as much feedback and input as the world of math teachers can throw my way!

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